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Introducing For The First Time… Mr & Mrs.

For the post we have all been waiting for!

Drum roll please….

I got all our wedding photos back from our photographer Cori Delgado

Who is amazing by the way! She is so sweet and patient and really gets to know you as a couple while doing her job. I know I could never make conversation and work all at the same time. That is way to much for me.

She has many styles but the style we wanted portrayed was a rustic/country theme. We wanted things relaxed and untraditional and I feel like she did an amazing job capturing everything. She can turn a difficult background into a magical place. I am so happy we found her.

If you are reading this, Thank you Cori. You are phenomenal!

From start to finish. I couldn’t be happier.

|Makeup done by @GlambyShyy Instagram | Hair done by @manes_by_meg Instagram|

|La Rose Gifts Robe in White XS Etsy| Shoes Steve Madden DSW|


|Flowers by Nikki Caldwell Fluid Bloom|


|Rings Gabriel & Co| Wood Ring Box Trees2Art Etsy|


|Fig and Vine Bridesmaid robes Etsy|


|Collar and Bow Tie Petco|

|Flower Girl Dresses David Bridal| Veil Blanca Veils Etsy|Robes Fig and Vine|

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|Cake By Pardon My French Bakery|



Yes y’all, I have been M.I.A lately. I have had so much going on this month I literally feel like my head is going to explode. You know in the movies when the actor grabs a pillow and screams into it out of frustration. I have been doing that all week… Minus the pillow. Dozer…

Hey Ladies! The sun is still beating and that means skin can still be shown! I recently was introduced to a clothing company that I have be obsessed with. I am constantly on their site searching and lurking and waiting for something new to come out or for them to restock! Yes, they are that…

These past few weeks have been a big blur. Just a month ago I spent the last 4 days in the big city or is it the city of lights? No, the city that never sleeps? Just kidding, sin city! Fortunately I didn’t sin too much this trip… Just a little. Before hitting Vegas I…

Days With Daisy – 10 Weeks

Daisy is now 10 weeks old and growing fast. She has now become the queen of the house and the boss of the boys. She is a bully.

IMG_3411.JPGLet’s just say she feels right at home. She has become so protective of our family and
insists that she is the only one that deserves attention around here.

Not to be sexist but she gets treated so differently in this house than the boys. Usually when Dozer and Bodie get in trouble they get scolded and put out in the backyard for a mini time out, but not Daisy. She gives you these baby goo goo eyes and you can’t help but love her, even when she just spills coffee all over your computer. Yes. She busted my new Apple computer. As mad as I was, I couldn’t hold a grudge, she is too precious. What can I say… I LOVE DOGS.

Daisy is getting so big that she can finally jump on the couch herself. She has her favorite place to sleep and is getting in the habit of crawling under her puppy gate so she can jump on the front door when you get home. She is too smart for her own good.

This girl loves affection whether it be from her humans or her boyfriend Bodie or brother Dozer. She needs to be right on you to fall asleep and has no problem licking inside the other dogs mouths for hours! She is definitely a feisty one. 2B34D4BD-BF8C-4765-BC4F-0292D5423B83

A few weeks ago she went on her first walk and did so well. She kept up with Dozer and loved smelling everything she crossed. She was afraid of the cars that passed by, but thats normal, she’s never been outside before. This past weekend was her first time at the beach and boy did she love it. We never put her near that water because we just wanted her to get used the the sand first. She dug the whole time we were there and made so many dog friends. “Brodie” a boxer from Santa Cruz was a little too friendly but we assured him and his owner that she was simply not ready yet. LOL. She was loved by everyone who IMG_3386caught a glimpse of her and even got her own ice cream cone at Mariannes!

You never know how much a dog can change your life and I feel like Daisy has been such a blessing and wonderful addition to our family. I am so happy that she is growing healthy and confident and loves us the way we love her.

Days with Daisy – 10 Weeks