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The Grace Maralyn Estradaganza 

The My Little Lifestyles family isn’t so little anymore. I am officially a married woman. The man that inspired me to write original and personal content is now my partner in life. As I sit here on our plane ride to Maui I am thinking back to how it all started.

I met a guy I had no intention of being with for the rest of my life. I thought he was just another guy at another party my best friend Lindsay dragged me to. Little did I know that this one guy was the one that would change everything. Michael has shown me so much. He has shown me that being myself is not a bad thing. He has shown me to be silly in difficult situations so they aren’t so uncomfortable. He has shown me what hard work really is and I admire him so much for that. He is the perfect dad for my fur baby and Dozer loves him to death. I couldn’t have been more lucky.

Looking back on the wedding, it was so beautiful, it was everything I wanted and visioned. The rehearsal was sort of a huge disaster but one thing was bound to go wrong. As a bride everyone tells you not to stress, and not to worry about the little things, but its hard. It’s hard because no one but you and your partner know how much time, effort and money you put into this one day. You just want every thing to be perfect. But, I have to say they were right. There was no point in stressing because that day was all about Michael and I and I don’t remember a damn thing other that looking at him at the alter and crying my eyes out. It was perfect.

I am so thankful and grateful for my family. They were an amazing help. My mom, sister in law Haley, maid of honor, my good friend Lexi, bridesmaids and coordinators. They all were just a big help and took so much stress off my shoulders. I literally could not do it without them.

This was the best day of my life. One for the books and one for the blog.

I don’t know if I am on cloud nine because I am thousands of feet in the air on a plane or because I am just so happy I am married and my life is exactly where it should be at this exact moment.

Life works in mysterious ways. It will flip you on your back when you least expect it making you struggle like a cockroach trying to get up, then it will randomly put you in a perfect place. I don’t know too much about life yet, but what I do know is that I don’t have to do it alone ever again.


Millie Estrada

Venue: Grace Maralyn Estate

Photo by: Cori Delgato

Dress: Pronovias

Hair: Manes by Meg (Gypsy & Oak Salon)

Flowers by: Fluid Bloom

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Days With Daisy

I always thought my “little” family was complete.

Michael and Dozer are my world and will always be and I never wanted to add to it or take away from it.

You may be thinking, “Dozer is just a dog, he’s not a person?”

Wrong, he is a person, he is my first child. He was my first responsibility, my best friend. He got me through the toughest times and was with me when no one else was. He loves me the way a person would. He waits for me to get home, sleeps with me under the covers and loves the same foods I do and even looks like me! He is my son. He is preparing me for real motherhood.

Just when I thought my boys were enough, a baby girl got thrown in the mix. Daisy is a blue nose pit bull and was supposed to be my parents dog but the moment she put her paws in our house, Michael and I fell in love.

Daisy immediately attached to us and will not leave our side. Even though she is just a puppy Michael treats her like a real baby. He calls her his “baby girl” and “princess” and keeps saying “Watch out for the baby!” It is honestly the most adorable thing in the world. B6985A0F-0FD1-4D49-8CD5-A716D08D2672

Dozer is still warming up to her, but he’ll get there eventually. He didn’t like Bhodi very much when he first came home but now they don’t leave each others side.

Seeing Michael interact with Daisy makes me really hopeful for the future. I have always been afraid to even think of wanting children and now that we are getting married, that’s basically our next step. Not for a while! But you get what I mean.

Knowing that Michael will be my partner for the rest of my life makes be so happy and really puts my heart at ease because I know that parenthood for the both of us with be an awesome learning experience. Believe me I don’t think dogs are nearly as hard as children but they are hard work and a big responsibility as well.

Daisy has already got comfortable with the house and already knows that outside is where we potty. She knows where her toys go and where they go when she is down with them. She is learning so quickly and is getting bigger and more beautiful everyday.

Can’t wait for more days with Daisy – 8 weeks old