Lost Shoppers: Gift Guide for Women

Finding gifts for "Her" who ever she may be, can be pretty tough, so for the third day of Blogmas I thought it would be a good idea to create a women gift guide for those of you in need of some ideas! Rain has finally hit us in good old California and this cold [...]


Evian, I do!

When I think of Evian,ย I think of the scene from The Parent Trap when Hallie (Lindsey Lohan) put the Lizard on Meredith's Evian bottle on their camping trip and Meredith freaked out. I guess Evian really made its impression on me when I was younger, but as an adult it has made a bigger impression [...]

A Skincare Love Affair

My love affair with Valentia Skin Careย all began when I was introduced to their Royal Rose Hydrating serum. After that, it was the Clear Lift Revitalizing serumย that kept me coming back for more. After I tried their serums, our love affair grew deeper. I began using their Detoxifying Clay mask,ย and now... they have a moisturizer! [...]