On the Fourth Day Of Blogmas iKatehouse Brought To Me

According to my title, some of you beauty lovers might already know what this post is about. For those you who don't know what iKatehouse is, I am about to change your life! iKatehouse is a website that is a godsend to us beauty obsessors. It is a website that  sells some of the best [...]


Evian, I do!

When I think of Evian, I think of the scene from The Parent Trap when Hallie (Lindsey Lohan) put the Lizard on Meredith's Evian bottle on their camping trip and Meredith freaked out. I guess Evian really made its impression on me when I was younger, but as an adult it has made a bigger impression [...]

A Skincare Love Affair

My love affair with Valentia Skin Care all began when I was introduced to their Royal Rose Hydrating serum. After that, it was the Clear Lift Revitalizing serum that kept me coming back for more. After I tried their serums, our love affair grew deeper. I began using their Detoxifying Clay mask, and now... they have a moisturizer! [...]