020Hi everyone!

Anything look different? Hmm, you may have noticed the new layout. I thought it was time for some new an improved blogging. I first started blogging in 2013. It all began as an online journal and quickly became something else. I started blogging about relationship advice and traveling young as well as sharing some personal experience on this rollercoaster I call life. Life is always kicking you when you’re down and throwing you curveballs when you least expect it. So, in honor of life, I thought it would be fun to let the world know…we all go through it. After an abundant success I received from my readers, I moved on to bigger and better things; something I have always been passionate about and something that rules my life. Beauty and Fashion. I recently started making videos, incorporating reviews on beauty products,”How to’s” and vlogging. This blog is full of tips and tricks as well as what’s in, and what’s out.

I believe staying true to yourself is the key to success and if you are as passionate about something do what ever makes you happy. That is what My Little Lifestyles is for me, it is what makes my life MINE.ย Though putting yourself out there may frighten some, it should never keep you from your true calling no matter what it may be or what people may say.

My personal life consists of taking care of my two boys, Michael my fiancรฉ and our big fur baby Dozer. Our families are a big part of my life, they are loud and wacky, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. They inspire me and encourage me to do what I love everyday and my two nieces, Tatum and Madi are my biggest fans. I am a working student in the midst of becoming an elementary school teacher but never fail to make my blog a priority.

I am so thankful for all my readers and the success you all have given Mylittlelifestyles.com

Thank you all for riding this roller coaster with me and continuing to watch me grow for the past few years.

With love,

Millie XOXO