Viva Las Vegas!

These past few weeks have been a big blur. Just a month ago I spent the last 4 days in the big city or is it the city of lights? No, the city that never sleeps? Just kidding, sin city! Fortunately I didn’t sin too much this trip… Just a little.

Before hitting Vegas I wanted to stop and see “Seven Magic Mountains” IMG_3472.JPG

Seven Magic Mountains is a little spot in the middle of absolutely no where about 20 minutes before LV. There are these humungous rocks that are stacked on top of each other painted with bright neon colors. It’s a site that every one has to see once in their lives! As weird as it may be, it’s a must on my travel list.

Because of the beautiful desolate scenery, I had to take some photos.

Before I left for Vegas, I did a mini shopping haul at Nordstrom Rack. While I was there I found this adorable Distressed Denim Skirt by Fire that was a price I could not resist. I am not a huge fan of skirts but this one was too cute to pass up and I got so many compliments on it. I also really liked this skirt because it can literally go with anything. You can dress it up or dress it down. No matter what, it’s impossible not to be able to wear it to any occasion.

IMG_3762Since we were driving for a while I wanted to be comfortable, so I paired this skirt with a Simple White Tank with a tie up detail in the center. I wanted to keep this outfit super casual and laid back so for shoes I just paired it with some plan skin-toned flip flops.


What I really love about these Teekee flip flops is not only are they comfortable but they are specifically made in all different skin tone shades to make your legs appear longer. Even though these shoes took forever to get here and run very small, I have to say I am very satisfied with my purchase and new “long legs”.

For accessories I just put on my Esty double horned necklace, some Blue Crown Anderson Sunglasses from Tilly’s and a black hat. My hair was a total mess and it was so windy. So in the end my hat came in handy and I think it ended up completing this look perfectly.





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