Simple Outfit Idea For A Family Event

I feel like I haven’t done many fashion posts lately, so I thought, “It’s about damn time!” This weekend Michael and I drove up to Patterson for our nieces first birthday and on our way back we found the cutest open rode and thought what a perfect place to fly the drone, and of course I had to throw my outfit into the mix.

We had so much fun doing a little mini photo shoot and watching the sun go down. A absolute perfect way to end the weekend. Since I was going to a one year olds birthday party, I wanted to dress comfortable but cute. You never know when you are going to have to run around with the kiddies or take photos with family.

For this outfit I just paired my Black Steve Madden Jaylene Wedge  with some cropped ripped jeans (Similar here) and a Taupe Striped Blouse  from New York and Company. (Actually from my moms closest!) I wanted to keep things casual but still fashion forward.

img_3252img_3284-1For accessories I paired this outfit with some layered gold necklaces, I thought this really made the outfit pop and gave it more of a natural look. Something that I have really been into lately. The first two necklaces are a One-Piece Choker from Francesca’s and the double horn necklace is from Etsy.


For my bag, I pieced this outfit with my new “Pochette Metis”  from Louis Vuitton. It took me absolutely forever to get this bag, I was on a reserve list for a month and a half and I finally got my hands on it, and boy do I love it. I know these bags are out of this world expensive but they are so worth it. I figure, once I get married all my money will be going to rent and bills. Why not splurge one last time! This bag is the perfect size and believe it or not it holds A LOT of stuff and never gets heavy. This is by far one of my favorite bags I have ever purchased even though it cost an arm and a leg and some.IMG_3282

Hope this gave you guys some small style inspiration. Spring is here so keep your eyes out for more fashion post and outfit ideas!



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