It’s All About The Details

Like I have said a hundred times, I dream of a picture perfect Pinterest wedding, but that can’t always be the case when you are on a budget. So, for me it’s all about the details.

Planning has been wonderfully peaceful surprisingly and I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I guess all that is left are the small things.

Etsy has been a life saver when it comes to rustic and unique things. Honestly you can find just about anything on there.

When looking on Etsy, I really wanted a unique ring box that would represent our wedding theme, so all I did was look up “rustic ring box” and this is what I found. I loved the way this ring box looked and knew we had to have it. The detailing is amazing and totally customizable. I put and “M” for Michael and “C” for Camille and our wedding date 9.23.17. IMG_3009

I ordered it on the 17th and received it on the 4th so it came at a reasonable time and is exactly what I wanted.

The second thing I ordered on Esty was a Garter. That was something I wanted to get out of the way because I know that would be one thing that I would completely forget about. So again, I just looked up “Rustic Garter” on Etsy, and this is what I found.


This garter was affordable and beautifully made. The designer made ordering super simple, all you had to do was measure your thigh and it came within a week from ordering. I think this garter fits our theme perfectly and I am happy that it came with a garter to toss rather than having to purchase two.

The next thing on my list of things to get, was a cake topper. I wanted something simple. I was thinking something with “Mr & Mrs” on it would be cute but I thought I’d take a little look on the internet and see what I found first. When searching, I came across this super adorable website called They had all sorts of cake toppers, from simple to extravagant and things that you could customize including color and writing. IMG_3010.JPG

Out of all the options, I chose to go with something simple that would fit our theme plus I wanted to show off my new last name. The cake topper took about two weeks to arrive and is just as described on the website. I love it!

Since my bridal shower is right around the corner I started looking for white dresses. Dresses that not everyone has, so I started looking at boutique websites. I came across a few and I decided on one that was bit more showy than I would normally wear, but I want to look older and pretty and I think it matches my theme in some way. I got this dress at it came in a normal amount of time and is better quality than I expected. To add more feminism I paired this dress with a pink floral head band that I purchased at Forever 21.

Now that the big things are done, I’m still finishing up with the small things.

It’s all about the details ladies!

Happy Wedding Planning!!









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