Road Tripping’ San Luis Obispo

Michael and I have been so busy wedding planning and working that we haven’t had much time for ourselves. I wish I could say we’ve gotten close since the proposal but with his crazy work schedule it seems as if we have done the complete opposite.

I never want to let our spark die so I planned a little trip down the coast to one of our favorite places, San Luis Obispo.  I took Michael here for his 25th birthday. I didn’t tell him where we were going, I just drove. I stopped at as many different spots on the way to throw him off but the closer we got; he guessed it.

I love this place because he loves this place. It is a place with so many special memories for us.

Before arriving to the hotel there was one more stop we had to make. I had to take him to his favorite place in the entire world, Firestone Grill, to get one of their famous tri-tip sandwiches. As we got out of the car he stopped me right in the middle of the rode and stared at me. I don’t mean the creepy “Why are you looking at me like that?” stare; I mean the kind of stare that shows your infatuation for another human being. The stare that says “God, I am so in love with you.”

He grabbed my waist and just held me not caring who saw or drove by. He said,

“It’s me and you, and nothing else matters. Nothing.”

I swear it was like a movie. The whole world stopped and I felt like it was just us two in the entire town and nothing could break our special bond. I knew that day and at that very moment that I loved him and that I would love him forever; and if we ever broke up I knew it would be the hardest and most painful break up in Mylittlelifestyles history…but good thing is he will always be mine because we’re getting effin’ married!!

Since our wedding is so close to our favorite place and we really can’t afford to keep driving back down the coast for wedding meetings, I thought why not make a short quick meeting with the cake decorator and kill two birds with one stone and still have time for US.

Though it will be a short trip, I know we will make the best of it. We always do.

So on to the point of my post…

When I go out of town for a few days I like to bring the essentials to keep me busy during a long car ride. I would drive but Michael would never let me. My driving frightens him apparently. I only almost killed us twice, no big deal… That’s better than most people!

In my bag I always carry the essentials.img_2519

I found these really amazing affordable eye pads on by Absolute Cosmetics. They help with brighting and firming your under eyes, which is perfect to have on a long rode trip while you sleep. I hate waking up with bags under my eyes.

I also carry my Evian Facial spray. Even though it’s just mineralized water, it’s cooling, hydrating and refreshing and really wakes you up.

Another cosmetic product I like to bring with me is chapstick. I love SUGAR lip products because that are so soothing and really work. For some reason when I leave home my lips dry so quickly and stay chapped through out my entire trip, so this time I came prepared. img_2536

When driving down the coast Michael and I love to stop and take photos so I always bring my camera, extra lens and my Joby. This tri-pod is amazing and stands on anything. Michael and I never need anyone to take our photos because we have our Joby Gorilla Pod.

On top of my camera accessories I always need Millie accessories, so I alway bring a few pairs of sunglasses. As well as reading glasses and a good book.

Not that I don’t love talking to Michael for 3 1/2 hours, but there are times when I just need to get my head into a really good book, and he always enjoys it when I read it out loud to him.

I hope my road trip essential guide is helpful to you on your next road trip.

Live, laugh, explore and have fun. Life is too short!




One thought on “Road Tripping’ San Luis Obispo

  1. I love reading your posts (blog) not only that I enjoy it very much, but it lets me know what you two are up to! Not trying to be noisy mama (stalker) with everyone busy life lets me catch up.. ⚘

    Thanks for sharing Millie love mom❤


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