3 Outfit Ideas For The Girl On The Go

My closest is filled to the brim with clothes I can only wear when I go out…Which is not often. Hmmm…

So when it’s time to run errands, I usually throw on an old sweater I wear five times a week  and some yogas or some dingy sweats. Since it is a new year, I have made a resolution to use more of my wardrobe rather than my nasty sweat wear that is eight years to old.

When I go run errands, I want something I can be comfortable in. I want to be able to bend down and not have to worry about pulling my pants up! It’s been pretty cold lately so I also want something to keep me warm especially when I am in the freezer isle!

For this blog post I put together 3 Outfits for the girl on the go.

For the girl who knows everyone and needs keep up her appearance, I paired a nice comfortable leather jacket from Boohoo.com with a plain white tee and some black jegging’s that are ripped at the knees from Topshop. I wanted to keep the look simple so I just added some black slip ons Vans and some over sized glasses as well as a plain grey scarf for more accessory and to keep me extra warm for this cold Cali weather.

For the girl who likes to keep things simple, I paired the same ripped jeggings with a comfortable soft jean long sleeve I got from H&M. I pulled my hair into a bun and put on some Steve Madden flats that I purchased at the outlets. I wanted a small bag to run errands so I paired this outfit with a light bucket bag with colored tassels from Boohoo.com

Out of every piece of clothing in the world, my favorite has to be a nice warm cardigan. It’s like a robe you can wear in public. So for this look, I kept the same jeggings from the last two looks and I used the same black leather slip ons and just changed my shirt to a long sleeved striped shirt I got from Target and a small little black cross body from Forever 21.

These looks are super simple and can really ween you off the lazy look. I promised myself I would try harder to take advantage of my unused closet and actually put them to use. I hope you guys liked these 3 looks and hope to see you guys put your lazy wear to rest. Not for good! Just while on the go!



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