The Merriest Of Christmas’s and a Happy New Year

Like I have mentioned so many times on this blog, I have so much to be grateful for. I wake up every morning, breathing in my yankee candled fresh air and I am alive. Literally and figuratively.

I look back at how my life has changed so drastically over the years and I think about how dull and boring I used to be. I used to always be concerned about what people thought of me and I always felt that I had to be liked. By everyone. I only wanted to do the “cool” thing and I felt I was living someone else’s life. You don’t know how hard it is to try to be perfect all the time unless you are like me. It draining and exhausting and you lose your sense of self.

My 20’s have taught me so much. You may think so or not, but I really feel like your 20’s is  when these life changing thoughts and experiences happen. I will be 22 on January 27th and I am excited but I’m nervous. Come September of next year I won’t be Camilla Marie Venancio, I will then be Camilla Marie Estrada. I won’t be living with my parents any more, and I will eventually have to buy my own toilet paper…

I used to be afraid of change but the new me embraces all experiences that life throws at me. I have found a man that I can’t live without. I have learned to fend for myself financially so when It’s time for me to finally fly the nest, I will be ready. I have more friends then I have ever had in my life, and not just friends that come and go. Friends that will have babies the same age as mine and who will go hiking with when I feel fat and go to McDonalds with me when I’m over hiking. I have people in my life who encourage me and people who are proud of what I am doing with my life even though it may be at a slower pace compared to others.

I am alive.

I love what I do. I love that I have a dog that loves me like another human, and I love that I have a compassionate and forgiving heart, even when it hard to forgive. I have learned so many things from peers, adults, strangers and even children. I have learned that life is ever changing and that it is a blessing to be alive and breathing and to have family and friends or an outlet for emotional release, like my blog.

Remember to be grateful for all that you have and not all that you got for the holidays. To be alive in the best gift you could ever have received.

I wish you all the Merriest of Christmas’s and a Happy New Year!



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