On the Fourth Day Of Blogmas iKatehouse Brought To Me

On the Fourth Day Of Blogmas iKatehouse Brought To Me

According to my title, some of you beauty lovers might already know what this post is about. For those you who don’t know what iKatehouse is, I am about to change your life!

iKatehouse is a website that is a godsend to us beauty obsessors. It is a website that  sells some of the best makeup brands 💄 for amazing prices, I’m talkin’ $10 or less!

I’m not joking…

I have made two huge orders this past month and I’ll probably go back for more next week. Just when you think $5.99 is a good price for a bomb eyeshadow palette, they drop it down to $2.99. Praise the makeup gods 🙌🏼

iKatehouse is the best place for gift giving when it comes to giving gifts to all the ones who love, live, and breath makeup.

iKatehouse carries brands like Milani, L.A Girl Cosmetics, Maybelline, E.l.f, Covergirl,  J Cat, Cherry Lashes, ARDELL, NYX, and so much more. Every time I visit this site I go nuts! I promise you, you’ll never just buy one thing. Guaranteed.


The few things I ❤️️ about iKatehouse is that not only is everything dirt cheap, it’s amazing quality. Shipping is usually free and there is always a coupon code available. My cart usually totals out to $100 but after the discount it drops down to about $60 and arrives in less then a week and is neatly bubble wrapped and packaged.

I’m so glad I found iKatehouse and for those of you who are “beauty on a budget” visit iKatehouse.com and enter code “OHDEER” and get %12 off your order. Coupon expires 12/31 so shop while you can!

%12 may not sound like a lot but believe me, 23 products for $60 bucks and free shipping sounds like a great deal to me.

Hurry now and visit iKatehouse and shop for the beauty lover in your life… and we all know the beauty lover is YOU!

*Not sponsored

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