On The Second Day of Blogmas My Keurig Gave To Me

It’s not Decemburrrrrr without a tasty cup of hot cocoa to keep your cheeks warm.

Today’s blog post will be a How To: on how to make the perfect cup of Christmas hot chocolate for this chilly winter weather.348s

Nothing compares to Christmas 🎄 in the park’s hot chocolate in Downtown San Jose. If you haven’t seen it or tasted it, that should be on the top of your to-do list this holiday season. This hot chocolate is impeccable, it’s decked out with marshmallows, cherries, chocolate syrup drizzle, candy canes, sprinkles, whip cream  and their nortoriously famous snowman topper.

I can’t make anything nearly as good, but since I have a Keurig at home, it’s the most perfect and convenient way to imitate Christmas in the park’s famous hot chocolate without the drive.

What you’ll need:img_1422

•Your Favorite Mug

•Hot Chocolate K-Cup

•Mini Marshmallows

 •Chocolate Syrup

•Mini Candy Canes

Once you have all your ingredients ready, Choose your favorite mug.

Brew your favorite hot chocolate K-cup. My favorite is by the brand Swiss Miss. 

Add your mini marshmallows ( I like a lot!)

Once your marshmallows begin to pile and float, throw on some whip cream!

To make it your hot chocolate chocolatier, add some chocolate syrup

To finish off your master piece, add a mini candy cane and let it melt. This will give your hot chocolate an extra UMPH!

Once you put it all together you get a delicious holiday treat with just a touch of a button in the comfort of your own home.img_1419Tag me on Instagram @millievenancio and show me your homemade Christmas treats!





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