You want me to do what?!

Never in my life have I ever thought,

“Hmm, let me roll some needles on my face to make my skin look better”

First off, I am terrified of needles and I pass out every time I see one touch skin; but here I am on my blog telling you guys try this…


Derma rolling is an old technique that is getting more attention each year. I didn’t even know about derma rolling until a few months ago when my friend Tina told me about it.

Derma rollers can be used almost anywhere on your body to help skin in specific areas with the proper needle sizing

(0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, etc)

Derma rollers can help many different skin problems, such as:

Acne Scars (Craters)

Stretch Marks


Hair Growth


Fine-lines and Wrinkles

Derma rollers are handles that have micro needles attached to a roller head that you roll onto your skin on specific problem areas that need to be treated.

Rolling these micro needles onto the skin in a “X” formation 3-4 times and going over it again in a “+” formation another 3-4 times creates “micro-injuries” to only the top layer of the skin.

This technique causes the skin to send signals to your body that it needs to heal itself, promoting scar-less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen rather than scar collagen.

Because the needles on the roller are micro-sized, the skin penetrations heal in a few hours or less. Redness may occur, but will go away! This a painless procedure you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Michael and I have both been using our derma rollers 3 times a week, and we have already noticed a big difference in our skin. I personally have seen a difference in hyperpigmitation from old acne, and Michael has seen a big difference in some deep acne scaring he had from when he was younger.

Michael has been my little guinea pig these past few weeks and he have only done one side of his face to see if these “Derma rollers” actually work, and wow… we were blown away.

With proper care and after care your skin can begin to see results as soon as two weeks!

You can purchase your own derma roller and find which needle size works best for you HERE

I will post a tutorial on how to use my derma roller this week! Follow me to get updates!


-Never share your derma roller with others 

-Make sure to sanitize with alcohol after every use 

-Never derma roll over active acne spot because it can spread to other areas 

-Avoid rolling over your eyes unless instructed to by directions with proper needle size 

-Never roll to hard. You be shouldn’t bleeding 

*I received these products for testing purposes and all opinions and results are my own.

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