5 Trends That Are Kickin’ It Old School

2016 is all about new trends. Well, technically they are old trends that have reinstated themselves. They are the new and improved and they are coming back with a vengeance. These are 5 trends that are kickin’ it old school. There are few trends I just can’t seem to get used to quite yet, like the bomber jacket or asian themed embroidered clothing; but there are a few I fell back in love with just like when they first appeared in the fashion world.



Platforms have become one of my new obsessions. They are extremely fashionable and can be more on the comfortable side compared to heels. I am really loving the white bottom platforms, I feel as if they give your outfits a little “pop” of spunk and a true 90’s feel. I have seen so many platform shoes emerge this season and I hope this trend sticks around, not only because it adorable but because they make my feet a whole lot happier than six inch heels.

Distressed Denim

This trend is my number one go to. If we are close friends, you know I am obsessed with distressed denim. You already know I have over a hundred pairs puking out of my jean drawer. Honestly, I can’t get enough of ripped/frayed jeans. I think distressed denim is so classic and can either make your outfits relaxed or snazzy enough for date night. I feel it’s hard to find a great pair of distressed denim these days, but when you find them I bet they last you life a time and are one of your favorite pairs. Ripped jeans are timeless and will never go out of style.


Another trend that I have been seeing for the past few months is the choker necklace. The last time I wore a choker was in my 4th grade school photo. Every time I look back at that photo, I always ask myself, “What was I thinking?!” but in 2016, it’s a new generation for the choker. It’s back and it is hotter than ever! You can find these chokers anywhere and everywhere in every color and any style. Velvet, metallic, suede, you name it! I purchased mine from Tilly’s.

Faux Fur Vests

img_0942This is one more trend that I couldn’t wrap my head around at first, but soon after I fell in love with it. I remember when I was fifteen years old, my mom walked out of her room with this hideous purple and grey fur vest. She was so happy and couldn’t help but show it off.  I couldn’t believe she would ever purchase such a hideous piece of clothing, I was embarrassed for her. After showing my distaste for her vest,  she explained to me that it was an old vest that she saved from back in the day. She said she saved it because she knew this style would come back and she’d be ready for it. I’ll never forget telling her “Believe me, that style will never come back.” But here I am, rocking a faux fur vest. Sorry mom, you were right. I wonder if she’ll be me borrow that vest?

Button Up Mini Skirts 

img_0951More trends that have risen from grave, are the 70’s button up mini skirt. You may have seen them around, they come in every color and a variety of fabrics, and are the newest fashion. They are easy to dress up, and even dress down. Again, I was a little hesitant about this old tend that has come back, but once I tried one on, I could see why everyone loves them so much.

With all these past generation trends coming back, I feel as if anything is subject to come back! Who knows what the future holds, but all I know is that 2016 was a good fashion year. Can’t wait to see what next years trends hold for us fashion obsessors.



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