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When I think of Evian, I think of the scene from The Parent Trap when Hallie (Lindsey Lohan) put the Lizard on Meredith’s Evian bottle on their camping trip and Meredith freaked out. I guess Evian really made its impression on me when I was younger, but as an adult it has made a bigger impression in my make up routine.

As most of you all know, I will be getting married next year. With wedding planning comes makeup planning. What products will I use on my big day? It’s been tough choosing since there are so many innovative and amazing  products out there in the cosmetic world, but I have found a few contenders to make the list. On my wedding day I want my makeup to look natural and last long enough so I don’t have to constantly retouch. Though you may know Evian as a water company, it has branched out and has come out with an Evian Aerosol Facial Spray. This spray can act as a coolant, refresher, toner, as well as a setting spray or primer. This facial spray has been around for ages and I have seen in at Sephora many times in beauty go and I have always wanted to try it, and now that I have, I am so glad I did.

I have finally swapped out my Mario Badescio rose water facial spray for this Evian spray and there is a huge difference in hydration for sure. Because my big day will be taking place in Atascadero in September it will be hot, so not only with I prep and prime my face with evian, I will be using it to cool down through out the day. This product layers the top layer of the skin with environmental friendly nitrogen as well as oxygen and provides all the right minerals for the skin.

Eventually the wedding will end, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop using my Evian. For our honeymoon we plan on going to Maui (original right?) and if you have ever been, you know  its warm and humid and sweating can occur the second you step off the plane, but because evian comes in a travel size that is TSA approved, I will have no problem staying cool on and off the Maui beaches.

Because Evian is so amazing they have given my readers the opportunity to enter a giveaway! 3 lucky winners will receive a wedding- inspired package which includes:

• A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
• 10 oz. evian® Facial Spray (suggested retail $18.00)
• 5 oz. evian® Facial Spray (suggested retail $12.50)
• Three 1.7 oz. travel size evian® Facial Sprays (suggested retail $21.00)
(total package — over a $75 value)

You can enter by visiting this link:

Evian Giveaway!!

Thanks Evian and Brandbacker for preparing me for my big day! It’s never a bad idea to stay cool and fresh.

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