Boots Are Made For Walking

Though summers in California are hot, our nights can be colder than winter at times. Therefore our short shorts and crop tops must be swapped out for long sleeves, cardigans and pants. Our feet on the other hand can with stand flip flops for the most part, but what happens when you’re going out and “flippys” just won’t do. I have an idea…swap them out with a cute pair of booties.

This year I have seen a high rise in the booty trend, and no I’m not talking about your rear end! Im talking about shoes. Booties are honestly the perfect shoe for a day or night out and they pair well with everything. Jeans, shorts, dresses, you name it, booties got you covered.

When you’re looking for booties, you always want to find the ones that work best for you. Personally, I look better in booties with a short heel that either go mid ankle or above the ankle. I am short, so if the bootie gets to high I have what people call, “a cankle”, so I try to avoid that as much as possible. It’s all about what works for you.

Like I said before, booties go with everything. With that being said, I bought every pair I could find in a variety of colors. The shoes I chose to post about are all neutral toned booties, most of them were purchased at Nordstrom Rack and are very affordable. When it comes to finding boots, I have a hard time finding the right pair. I mean, I have a pretty big foot for a small girl and very wide calves. Another reason why I love boot
ies… I don’t have to worry about them fitting around my legs, just my foot.

When I first started looking for booties I knew I wanted a black pair (obviously because black goes with everything).  I also wanted a shoe that was comfortable enough to walk in, because no one likes blisters when you have to walk 8 blocks to get to your car. The first pair I found from Nordstrom Rack are black cowboy styled suede booties. They have a short 3.5 inch heal and are snug but comfy. The one thing I really love about this shoe is that the toe is slim. Some boots tend to be wide at the toe, making them look like work boots. Eeek!  Another detail I fell in love with on these shoes is the cowboy cut out in the front and back of the shoes. I love pairing these boots with some ripped or dark washed skinny jeans.Image-1-4The next pair of booties I found are from Ross. I paid twenty dollars for these believe it or not. These grey/beige shoes are low ankle booties with a short heel and a bit of detailing. I gravitated toward these ones, because I don’t have many shoes with this much detailing and I thought pairing these with some black jeans and a plain shirt and cardigan would look great together. These shoes are pretty comfy for the most and the detailing doesn’t make noise. I absolutely hate when shoes, bags or accessories “clank” or create a ruckus as I walk.

The third pair of fall booties I found are from Nordstrom Rack. Michael and I had gone into Nordies just to kill some time before we ate, when I saw these. They were just laying on the floor, tangles in tags and in just my size! When I tried these on, I knew I had to have them. These brown boots are so comfortable and are perfect for fall time. I love pairing these boots with black jeans and stripes. I love the gold buckles and contrast of browns, I think the colors flatter the design well. I believe I paid Thirty Six dollars for these babies.

The last pair I found, go figure… Nordstrom Rack. These shoes are a bit out of my comfort zone in a color sense. Usually I wouldn’t choose a camel colored shoe but I wanted to try something different and I really liked the reptile detailing on the back of the boot. These boots are by ALDO and are pretty comfortable. I love the two toned colors and like how the ankle isn’t too high. I am very particular about where the boot ends and surprising these shoes made the cut. Normally I would pair these with some dark washed skinny jeans or maybe some ripped skinny’s but I haven’t had a chance to wear them quite yet, so the outfit is still in process.

I love fall time because new trends emerge and we can get away with wearing boots again. Since it is still fairly warm in California I think pairing your booties with a cute summer dress would be an easy compromise. I can’t wait to wear and pair my  booties with different outfits and accessories this up coming season.

Boots are made for walking as Nancy Sinatra would say, so boots… Start walking!!

With Love,


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