4 Quick, Easy, Heatless, Hairstyles That Will Make Your Hair Love You Again

There are days when I wake up and look in the mirror and ask myself,

“Why? Why does my hair hate me?”

Maybe it’s because I never brush the knots out? Or maybe it’s because I constantly bleach and burn it? Ah yes, I know why.

So for all the girls who have hair that hates them, I dedicate this post to you. 4 quick, easy, heatless, hairstyles that will make your knotted, damaged hair love you again.

Because I don’t have another hair appointment for a few months, I thought I would figure out ways to give my hair a break. I found 4 hairstyles that require no heat or damage, but maybe a brush and some hair pins. If you know how to braid, these should be a piece of cake. These hairstyles don’t require much energy, so if you are lazy like me, these are the hairstyles for you.

Messy Bun and Twists

First hair style requires some pins and a hair tie. No brush needed, and the messier the better. For this hair style, I use my naturally curly, dirty hair. I found that it looks better that way. This hairstyle is super easy and is cute enough to wear for date night. You can always swap out the twists for braids, but twists are faster and easier for me.

Twist Crown

IMG_7686For the second hairstyle I just let my hair down, and kept the twists but instead of large twists I made them very thin as if I was making my bangs into a crown. This hairstyle is probably the most simple hairstyle in the books. All you need is a small elastic to secure both twists together. After, check the mirror and see if there are any lose pieces that need to be pinned and wa-la!

Half Up Bun 


The third hairstyle I have for your dry unloved hair is a very popular trend this year and one of my favorites, and that is the half up bun. As easy as it sounds, it takes some work, teasing and pinning. For this particular hairstyle I tend to just throw it up and let it sit on its own but lately I have been french braiding the center to give it a little more edge. For my hair in particular I have to tease my bun and pin it to get it perfect.


French Braids 


For the last heatless hairstyle, it’s one you may have seen before, do the Kardashians ring a bell? Yes, its the two french braids, its super easy and can always make hair wavy without the heat. This is definitely my go-to look when my hair is a mess.

So to all the girls who’s hair hates them, this is for you. Give your hair a break and let it love you again. These are quick, easy, heatless, hairstyles that don’t require much and sometimes look better with knots, and uncombed hair. You can still be lazy and trendy at the same time. Your hair will thank you.

With love,



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