My Happy Ever After

As most of you know by now…


July 24, 2016 is a day I will never forget. Three years ago I was introduced to Michael (My now Fiancé) through a mutual friend. When Michael asked me on a date, I was hesitant. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and didn’t know if I wanted to “get involved” again. Normally, guys will take no for an answer and move on… but not this guy. He texted me over and over and was extremely persistent on taking me out.I kept giving him the run around but I finally caved. One date. How bad could it be?

Who would of known this would be the last guy? Who would of known he would be “the one”? I never thought I’d find my “Noah” from The Notebook, or my “Leo” from The Vow. Fortunately I found someone better. I found Michael. Michael is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, he has flaws, for instance, he never puts his clothes in the dirty hamper. Somehow his socks always end up in a pile in the corner. But, he is my definition of perfect. Michael is the most compassionate and caring man I have ever met. He loves being loved and is always in the mood for praise or compliments, some may call him conceited but I call him secure. He loves who he is and loves who I am. He has never once made me feel like I am not good enough, if anything he makes me feel like I am too good. He is always making me feel beautiful and makes me know and feel that it’s him and I and no one else. I have never met anyone like him. We have the same goals, we want the same things and though we may have different views are certain things, I know that we are a match made in heaven.

I am so happy to call Michael my best friend, my fiancé, and my soon to be husband. He is everything I have ever dreamed of in a man, and I can’t wait until we say “I DO”.

The way Michael proposed to me was unexpected and as perfect as could be. We had just planned a trip to Utah to visit some friends, but wanted to visit Zion National Park in Hurricane first. We wanted to do some hiking and explore the beautiful canyons and scenery because we have heard so many good things about it. First day in Zion was hot but so fun. We hiked the narrows from 5pm to around 9pm. Our feet soaked in the water for 4 hours and our shoes lost color from scraping rocks beneath the river. The canyons were orange and rusted and covered miles and miles of the park. The scenery was so beautiful and perfect, it looked like a back drop rather than eroded mountains the earth created. It was unreal.

Our second day in Zion was hotter than the first day and the hikes got more strenuous by the mile. Each hike took about 5 hours and we just got higher and higher in elevation. Day two was all about hiking Angel’s Landing. Legend says that the canyons are so high only angels can land on them. It’s a one person at a time climb, and is very dangerous if not careful. As we were making it to the top, Michael thought it would be a good idea to stop and vlog since we weren’t able to on the way up due to difficulty. I thought that was a great idea, so I let him set up the camera while I secretly caught my breath. I was exhausted, hungry and dehydrated and all I wanted to do was sit… but he wasn’t having it. As I watched him set up the camera in the most beautiful place with the most beautiful scenery, I just thought how lucky I was to be here with him.

After Michael interrupted my thoughts he told me to start the vlog, so as usual, I began explaining what we were doing, where we were, and where we needed to go. Again, I was quickly interrupted by my love name, “Babe”. When I turned around I briefly saw something in Michaels hand, A beanie? A box? What?

Wait… is this really happening?! We always talk about getting married but is this real?! I must be having heat stroke because this feels like a dream, and I think I might be sick! Oh he better not be tying his shoe again!!

All these thought raced through my head and I was lost for words. I always thought that when Michael proposed I would immediately break down in tears and cry through the whole entire speech, but when he got on one knee I was in complete shock and the water works didn’t come until he opened the box.

This was real, this was actually happening and I couldn’t even believe it. Pictures and video can’t do this proposal justice because it was perfect in every way. I will never forget what he did for me and how far we walked just so he could make this day unforgettable for the both of us. Michael went above and beyond and is my new favorite story to tell. Hmm, no wonder he wouldn’t let me in his backpack earlier that day!

I can’t explain how special this day was to me and what this promise means to me. I never thought I would find love like this or find anyone to love me the way I love them. Love never felt so good.

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July 24, 2016 Zion National Park, UTAH

With love,


Proposal Video 


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  • Congratulations Camille! I’m so happy for you. Michael is such and great guy and you make a great couple. I wish you nothing but happiness. Can’t wait for your big day. Lots of love from Tia Maria.

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