Makeup Brushes I Can’t Live Without

It is very common to look at girl’s Instagram accounts and envy the way they do their makeup, it’s flawless and perfected to the tee. Believe it or not, it could be from the tools they use or a particular product or most likely their brushes.

In todays post I am going to talk about 7 face brushes you need in your makeup bag. When it comes to doing make up it’s all about technique. To improve your technique you need the proper tools. These brushes are my must haves. I can’t achieve flawless skin with out these babies. There have been times when I swapped them out for new and improved brushes but none of them do the trick like these ones.

The first brush I want to talk about is my foundation brush. This brush is the Morphe M439. It is a synthetic buffer brush. This brush is awesome because it is super dense and makes applying liquid foundation a breeze. The good thing about this brush that other foundation brushes lack is that the density allows the brush to use the most of the product on the skin rather than soaking it all up. Best part about this brush is the it’s only $13.99.

IMG_7083Morphe M439 $13.99

After I apply my foundatin, I always go in with concealer. To apply my concealer, I use the Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki. This brush is also very dense and really packs on the product rather than soaking it up. It is very easy to buff out concealer and blemish areas with this brush. When I am not using this brush for concealer I usually opt out for my beauty blender, but I find this brush works better. This brush is a bit pricey but it gets the job done

IMG_7084Sigma F86 $24.00

Once I put my concealer on, I always set it with translucent powder to prevent creasing. The brush I use to apply my setting powder is the Sigma F35 tapered highlighter brush. Though it is a highlight brush I use it for a different purpose. It’s small and tapered making it easy to get under the eyes. I also use this brush to set my T-Zone as well as create lines to “Bake” below my contour area. The reason I do this is to set some guidelines as to where I will contour. IMG_7086Sigma F35 $24.00

Once my make up is set, I go in with bronzer. For bronzer I use a few brushes but my newest favorite has been the Morphe M527. I finally go my hands on this bad boy after months of it being out of stock. This brush is a powdered fluffy goat haired brush and makes bronzing effortless. Because it’s fluffy there is no room for harsh contour lines and if there are, they are very easy to blend away.

IMG_0958Morphe M527 $15.99

After I bronze, I blush. My two favorite B-words. A lot of people have different preferences on blush brushes but my personal favorite is the Sigma F10 powder blush brush. This brush is so perfect for applying blushes and has the perfect shape. It’s not too big, and it’s not too small.

IMG_7091Sigma F10 $24.00

Everyone knows this year has been all about highlighting and due to the season we all need ourself some summer glow and obviously a good highlighting brush. As much as I love highlighting I don’t like brushes that pack on too much product, so lately I have been loving the Morphe M510 brush. This is a goat haired round “Crease” looking brush. The bristles are sparse with a tiny bit of density which helps apply the product on gradually and allows gradience.

IMG_7089Morphe M510 $7.99

Once my face is all done, I like to do one last step. I like using my Sigma F20 all over face brush. I take my face powder and just apply it all over my face just to make sure everything is set. I love this brush so much because it is so versatile. Not only can you use it for powdered foundation, you can use it for bronzing, blushing, and for highlighter it you really wanted to.

IMG_7090Sigma F20 $33.00

These brushes are my prized processions when it comes to doing my face makeup. When your face makeup isn’t coming out right think about the tools you are using. Maybe they aren’t the right brushes for you or maybe you just need an upgrade. Just find what works best for you personally and then the rest with be a cake walk.

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