A Day In The City

A Day In The City

“One day i’ll go to heaven. I’ll look around and say, it ain’t bad…But it ain’t San Francisco.”-Herb Caen

There is no place like San Francisco. The bright colors, the noise, the dogs that walk the streets with sophistication and the people that represent their city and are proud of it. If you have been following my blog for a while most of you may know that San Francisco has a special place in my heart. It is one of the first city’s I went to alone and explored with a broken heart, and it is also one of the first places Michael and I went together and just happened to fall in love with one another. Though San Francisco isn’t that far from San Jose, it is somewhere different with so much to do.

In honor of fourth of July weekend Michael and I thought it would be fun to take a few daysIMG_6913 off and explore. San Francisco was our decided destination. Instead of going to Pier 39 and the Fishermans wharf as most tourists would do, we made it
our mission to explore as much as we could and go out of our comfort zone and head to different districts and local areas. Might I say, we had a blast. The food, photos, shops and coffee exceeded our normal expectations of San Francisco.

Our first mission to the city was to get “real” coffee. No Starbucks or Peet’s… we wanted the hard stuff; so we went to a place on Valencia Street called Four Barrels. It was this rustic coffee shop with wooden tables and chairs and a simple menu. As overwhelmed as I was by  the miniature menu I couldn’t decide between my usual macchiato or a latte. I know coffee without flavors in front of the names are usually pretty strong and are exactly what I try to stay away from, but again I wanted to adventurous and try something new… I ended up with a latte. Michael wanted something strong so he got an americano. Come to find out an americano is expresso watered down. Exactly what he didn’t want. Oh well! We live and we learn!

After our delicious coffee, we wanted a little snack because we were planning on a big dinner that night. So we headed toward Delores Park. We have never been there before and parking was a hassle, but after driving and walking a few blocks we found a spot in a IMG_6915residential area (that of course was on the biggest hill ever). Once we found a parking spot, we made our way down to the huge park that people and dogs off leashes occupied. Once we found a spot of grass to rest on, we took a few minutes to look up places around us to eat. In the midst of looking for restaurants we were distracted by all that was going on in the park. There were big and small groups of people scattered all over the grassy hills. There was music, public drinking and acrobatics going on left and right. There was laughter and intense games of corn hole as well as dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds bumping noses with one another.  It was the perfect day, warm with a slight breeze.

After 35 minutes of scrolling through yelp trying to find a decent sit down with small meals, we decided on a pizza place down the street called Pizzeria Delfina. They had a cute little patio area right near a small farmers market type grocery store that was filled with beautiful assorted bouquets. After looking at the menu for a few minutes, we decided it wasn’t in our favor and moved on to the next place. After walking about a mile and finding nothing we decided to head back to the car to find our big dinner place. We originally thought the famous House of Prime Rib would be the spot since we had heard so many good things about it and we both wanted meat, but we ended up at the SF Bistro Grill; because burgers sounded better.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAfter getting lost a few times we finally made it… Just to find out the place was closed due to a move of location that wouldn’t open up again until after the holidays. So it was on to the next place. As much as we wanted to stay in areas we have never been before, we were getting awfully “Hangry”so we went to a familiar place, Burger Urge on Haight Street. I couldn’t have been more happy because this place is phenomenal . Their grilled cheese and garlic fries as well as their 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger really hit the spot. This place is so unique and very fun. They have a huge painting of The Rolling Stones right about the fireplace and real guitars that coat the walls and ceiling.

After finishing our dinner we shopped around a bit and had a mini photo shoot for some fashion posts I have in store for you guys, woo who! We wanted to ride the cabProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetle
car but it was getting cold and late and thought a bottle of wine at home and watching our favorite movie “The Vow” would be more romantic.The long ride home was relaxing and gave us a moment to rest our feet, and gave me time to remember the amazing day I had with my future husband.

As much as Michael drives me crazy sometimes, I swear there is a never dull moment when him and I are together. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and everything in between. San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart, but my adventure is where he is.


With love,


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